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SCT2280KE N-channel SiC power MOSFET • Induction heating • Motor drives • Solar inverters • DC/DC converters • Switch mode power supplies ID,pulse *2 35 A VDSS 1200 V ID *1 14 A ID *1 10 A Junction temperature Tj 175 °C Range of storage temperature Tstg 55 to 175 °C Title: 47L04/47C04/47L16/47C16 Data Sheet Author: Microchip Technology Inc. Keywords: DS20005371C, DS20005371, 20005371C, 20005371 Created Date: 20161010161859Z

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MCP19214/5 DS20005681A-page 8 2017 Microchip Technology Inc. TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS It is our intention to provide our valued customers with the best documentation possible to ensure successful use of your Micro chip The BM6101FV-C incorporates the undervoltage lockout (UVLO) function both on the low and the high voltage sides. When the power supply voltage drops to the UVLO ON voltage, the OUT pin and the FLT pin both will output the "L" signal. When the power supply voltage rises to the UVLO OFF voltage, these pins will be reset.

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4.2 Pin List The pin list of the SAMA5D27 SOM1 is provided in the following tables. Table 4-1. System-On-Module Pin Description: PIOA Pin Number PIO Power Rail Other Features Type 4V Drive Nch MOSFET RHP020N06 zStructure zDimensions (Unit : mm) Silicon N-channel MOSFET 0.5 zFeatures 1) Low On-resistance. 2) High speed switching. 3) Wide SOA. zApplications Switching zPackaging specifications and hFE zInner circuit Package Code Taping Basic ordering unit (pieces) RHP020N06 T100 1000